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The story goes that Katrina Kaif, whose latest film Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani has got her closer to Kareena Kapoor in the box office stakes, turned down a lucrative offer of Rs 2.5 crore by a five-star hotel in Juhu to be its New Year's eve star.
This, by far, is the biggest sum ever offered to any Bollywood personality for a New Year's eve appearance. But Katrina could not be bothered. Apparently, sh said she was unavailable because she intends to spend the Christmas and New Year vacations in London with her family.
When asked about her plans for December 31, Katrina said guaradedly, "i'm heading to London to bring in Christmas and New Year with my mother, sisters and brothers. It's an annual family ritual. And I wouldn't like to break for any amount for money i the world."


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They are Bollywood's ultimate pair, the on-screen duo that has stolen a billion hearts. Now, director Karan Johar reunites Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan in a hotly anticipated new film, and talks to them about what it's like to have the Midas touch, in an interview for and international magazine. Excerpts:
I never would have expected it. I never predicted if for myself for sure-maybe somebody else, but not me. But, as they say, man proposes and God disposes.So, basically my fashion statement is careless, impatient and irritated.
I think we are comfortable in our own skin. We have never tried to outdo each other. Some things work well in pairs- earnings, shoes, socks, pyjamas. I think we know that our individual scenes in a film are fantastic, but together we are unbeatable. she works because she enjoys it. She's honest, earnest, innocent, very loud, very scattered and very beautiful- all that I'm not. I'm boring, not natural, I'm a workaholic and always in control, I don't love people unconditionally like she does.


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It was a battle between two very popular actresses, MadhuriDixit and Aishwariya Rai Bachchan in which the former emerged a winner. Madhuri joined several Bollywood stars to judge the reality show, Dance Premier League. A source associated with the show said, "Madhuri and Aishwariya were both being considered to be the judge for one of the teams. Aishwarya lost out to Madhuri as she quote an exorbitant amount of money. the makers of the show couldn't afford her and the scales tipped in Madhuri's favour as she had demanded an affordable price."


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With a superstar husband, who owing to his eternal lover-boy charm is hailed as one of the most romantic heroes of our times, it's natural for Kiran Rao to feel perturbed after knowing Aamir's proximity with swishy siren Kareena Kapoor.
So when the 'intellectual' wife was informed about Aamir's sizzling song with the Kapoor lass, Kiran decided to take the first flight home to be by her hubby's side during the much-anticipated shoot.
Smart move we'd say! Even though the production unit maintains that Kiran was keen to attend the shoot, as she wanted to observe Aamir's romantic avatar, insiders suggest that Rao's suddent trip is a clear sign of insecurity.
Talking about the song and Kiran's presence on the shoot, direector Raju Hirani said, "Yes, we are shooting the romantic song at various locales in Mumbai with Kareena and Aamir. It' is a light-hearted romantic song sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal. As for Kiran, I don't know about that. Aamir did mention someting to me but I have not met him since he has just well, we don't blame Kiran for being cautious. Better be safe than sorry!


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Rani Mukherji, who recently turned super-sexy after shedding a few kilos, stole the show at the Tornoto film festival. The bong-beauty was present to promote her upcoming film Dil Bole Hadippa.
The actress grabbed attention with her husky voice and smoky eyes but couldn't make a lasting impression with her couture sense. Clad in a plum off-shoulder gown, rani looked quite uncomfortable and unfortunately, the gown was sill fitting. Even the black scandals she wore looked shoddy. But despite her fashion faux pas she was quite popular at the venue!


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An international pizza chain has introduced a pizza and implied that it is inspired by size zeroKareena Kapoor, the Bollywood diva with the most fashionable size on her.
Kareena, who was out of the country wasn't even aware of this latest 'tribute' to her till sister Karisma Kapoor, a Delhiite, called in to tell her that her friends were all tripping over the size zero pizza.
Kareena has been a pizza fan for the longest time.
"I love Italian food," says Bebo. "I must eart pizza at least twice a week; and yes, I'm flattered that a pizza has been named after me." But, she added, "Honestly speaking, I'm no longer a size zero. I'm slightly rounded because I need to be that way for my role in Karan Johar's Hindi Version of Step Mom."


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As the news of her cancer shocks the nations, Hindus in India have already started praying for Bollywood actress Lisa Ray. Lisa gave a shocker last week. When she revealed that she was battling Multiple Myeloma, a rare type of bone marrow cancer. She had mentioned that she had already taken the first course of treatment. Lisa who is bold not just on the screen but off it was well refuses to bow down and is attending a 10 day Film Festival in Tornto.


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Eighty years ago legendary British actor Lupino Lane created a (yet unbroken) record for a male actor playing 24 roles in "Only Me" (1929). And now Bollywood star is all excited about the possibility of her entering the record books for doing Priyanka Chopra12 roles in forthcoming What's Your Raashee. In the movie, she plays 12 different roles and the film has already been referred to the Guinness Book of World Records. Watch this space for more!


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Former beauty queens Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutta couldn't see eye to eye while shooting for the film Do Knot Disturb. The cold vibe between the two was apparent as the hotties avoided talking to each other after exchanging pleasantries.
A source from the sets of the film said, "The icy vibes between the two actresses was palpable. There was no face-off as such nor did they speak ill about each other. All they did was greet each other with a customary 'hi' that too only when absolutely necessary."
The cold war seems to have reged over their role length. Sushmita feels that Lara has a more prominent role than her, while Lara feels that Sush is overshadowing her in the promotion campaign.


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Many fans express their affection for their stars in creative ways. Some tend to border on the extreme, as Asin discovered. A fan form Chennai sent her a massive rock and proposed marriage in an emotional letter. Asin is a huge star down South, and that fervor hasn't dimmed even though she's moved to Mumbai after Ghajini.
Some fans build temples, some write letters in blood, others stand outside star homes for hours. This is not Asin's first brush with a fan who is a fanatic. Recently, she was stalked in Singapore, which unsettled her considerably.
Asin confirmed and said, "It's an extremely personal issure involving a fan and I wouldn't really like to comment on it."
However, one of Asin's close friends said, "It's extremely flaterring to get such attention and Asin is overwhelmed and at the same time embarrassed by it all."